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Heavy maintenance

AEI remains open to exploring opportunities to establish base maintenance operations for any client and type of aircraft regardless of the location.

In addition to the aircraft line maintenance business, AEI ® carries out limited activities of the base (heavy) maintenance in Bratislava, Slovak Republic (BTS).

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Aircraft Painting

AEI ® uses approved subcontractor Satys Air Livery Ltd for aircraft painting services. Staff, training of staff, competence assessment, tooling, and keeping industry standards are the responsibility of a subcontractor. Subcontractors ́ staff perform preparation and painting tasks, whereas AEI delivers oversight, a support, and ensures that the whole process is pursued with the EASA Part-145 rule.

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Aircraft Weight and Balance

AEI is in the position to carry out the aircraft weigh in association with CH-Aero company.

Cost savings come to exist if you make a contract with us to execute the task that used to be irregularly executed rather than invest in training your staff and buying or leasing equipment that is not sufficiently utilized during a year.

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Base Maintenance Fokker 100

AEI secures a full scope of base maintenance on Fokker 100 however the service is now limited to be provided for its customer Slovak Government Flight Services due to the hangar availability.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any interest together seeking synergy from which all involved parties will benefit.

AEI is here to work together with you. :)

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