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Are you looking for a Technical Assistance at station supported by AEI?
Aeroengineers International s.r.o. (AEI) offers a possibility for non-contracted Customers to order the Technical Assistance online and release its Aircraft to service in accordance with AEI Certificates & Approvals.

What are the commercial terms and conditions for non-contracted Customers?

What is the easiest way to order the required service?

  • To initiate the communication please fill out and submit required information in the form available at the bottom of this page
  • AEI Production Planning Center available 24/7 will provide a response to your request latest in 20 minutes after submission
  • AEI Authorization Letter or Purchase Order is required to be filled out by the Customer (Shortened version of SGHA Annex B is required to be concluded for each assistance in Chisinau (KIV), Moldova due to local regulations)
  • Subject of agreement: Advance payment request (Paypal/Proforma Invoice) is sent to the Customer (respective discount granted)
  • Technical Instructions (Manuals) provided by the Customer via e-mail
  • Technical Assistance is performed by AEI
  • Respective Paperwork is sent to the Customer via e-mail
  • Final Invoice is provided by AEI